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Fri, Dec. 31st, 2004, 03:50 pm

well I just watched this tv show. It was quite interesting! It asked many questions about sex. It was all about people's thoughts and perceptions on sex, and how differently people thought about it?

-How important is sex (in your opinion)?
-Does it have to mean something?
-Does it have to mean something every time?
-How important is experience?
-If your partner was inexperienced would that matter?
-If your partner was inexperienced or you were more experienced would you teach them?
-If your partner was inexperienced would you find someone new?
-Would you rather be the inexperienced one?
-How important is it to be good the first time with someone new?
-Would you leave someone if the first time wasn't good?

these are just a few questions they were asking people on tv.

seriously.... leave a comment with the answers. It's quite interesting to hear the many different answers.