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Sat, Mar. 5th, 2005, 10:07 pm

-Name: Selina!!!
-Nicknames: Cilantro, Selano, Sexy Lover of My Life
-Age: 18!
-DOB: March 5, 1987 -- TODAY!
-Location: San Francisco, the epicenter of homosexuality, OH YEAH
-How did you hear about us? (include LJ name if possible): Oh man, long story, but it had the interest mp3 files included in it
- are you in A Relationship?: why is a capitalized? you just don't capitalize articles, gosh darn it
-school where ...was this question not completed?

What is your favorite color? white like my effing pearly whites
Movies: the graduate, napoleon dynamite, bridget jones's diary, a streetcar named desire, forest gump
TV Shows: the bernie mac show, arrested development, 60 minutes, daily show with jon stewart, spark, the sopranos, six feet under, gilmore girls, recess, hey arnold, old cartoons
Thing to do: gawk at the beautiful french tourists walking around chinatown
Celebrity: johnny depp, how unoriginal! i heart so very much
Band/Singer at least 8: fiona apple, natalie merchant, the postal service, azure ray, rufus wainrwright, rooney, wilco, dandy warhols, norah jones, jimmy eat world, franz ferdinand, kings of leon, stacey kent,
Song: at the moment, it's the german version of "Tell Her Tonight" by franz ferdinand. it's so awesome.
Quote: hey quotes may be for some people, but they just aren't for me now.
car: toyota hybrid SUV!

-How are you AWESOME? i can ALMOST put my foot behind my head. ALMOST.
-Special Talent You Have OR something you're good at: putting my foot IN my mouth
-Biggest Fear: teachers with red pens

Make us laugh (pic or story anything)

-Abortion: not for me, man!
-Drugs: are NOT cool when being abused. but the expired ones make pretty ornaments :D
-Alcohol: yum and fun! all in moderation
-Sex: not for me either, man! maybe when i get with my soul mate RAWR but i'm gonna wait until marriage, werd man, WERD
-Emo: eh. i don't have an opinion about emo. i kinda like Bright Eyes. i mean, without them there wouldn't be Azure Ray!
-whores: haha! how silly

Just questions

-Pirate or ninja? FRIGGIN SWEET!
- Is pink the new black? is cheese the new butter?
-Is there a red light district in Rock Hill? (answer even if you have no idea what I'm talking about) i'd venture a guess that a hill wouldn't have red lights, but rather a highway that curves around it at its base
- Is all fair ib love and war? let's make love man, not war
- Are most girls stupid? because i'm so awesome i won't conform to these questions! LOL
- Slut or Whore?
- Fat or skinny?
- Bugs or snakes?
- Strangers or being in the dark? when you're in doubt, don't look to a stranger
- Police officer, pirate, or firefighter? AYE a pirate's life for me

Promote twice: eh?


RRAWRRRR you are being HYPNOTIZED by my beauty and awesomeness!!

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2005 07:03 pm (UTC)

ummm well this community kinda died off before it's prime. You can definantly be in it.... hey maybe you get it going. I've been really busy with school and such!!!!!!

if you have friends invited them too it!!!!!